Thursday, December 13, 2007

I could not find my Palm hotsync cable.

I do not know about all this chasing after technology. I am in a panic looking for my hotsync cable for my palm. My office is fairly disorganized so finding my cable if it is not where I left it or not in the few places I keep cables is not a very good thing. When I find it I am ready on the WinXP side of the Macbook to sync the Palm Treo 600 with the Palm Desktop then transfer everything to the Blackberry. I believe the Blackberry software the Blackberry Desktop Manager can do the transfer with out the Palm Desktop. But both devices need to be connected at the same time.

As I proof read this entry I tried one more time to look around where I usually leave my cables and saw the tell tale end that fits in the Palm. So I have now found the cable and will log off the Macbook Leopard and log into Win XP and try to transfer my contacts and and calendar to my Blackberry which arrived yesterday.

I am already using the Blackberry Facebook application and have downloaded 250 KB so far on the Blackberry of my 4 MB monthly limit. But for now I am ready to sync the two devices. First, I will back up the Palm to the eMac.

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