Tuesday, September 02, 2003

Success! I got a gedit file off my Laptop onto my WinNT box. This means given that my machines network with floppies and email to myself, all my machines are now networked at files less than 1.44 MB. Speaking of all machines another project I have is using that 700MB free space on the ibm ThinkPad 360CS. I got winzip for win 3.1 installed now on that old Thinkpad. So now I will see if I can use the drivers ( on floppy in zip files) for zip drive with that Thinkpad. Two types of zip only one pin head. I might like to get my clik drive also working with this old laptop. This old laptop might also see the linux floppy. Then I could have a real beater the old Thinkpad for the classroom notes. I also need modem drivers for using my PCMCIA modem with Red Hat 6.2. Round and round I go, and where the screw driver stops no one knows. =:+)

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