Friday, September 05, 2003

I am getting deep into law studies these past few years this is the type of poem I write based on a phone conversation with a friend. it is almost not a poem but a moral lesson like the a taoism expression.

Moral Mountains

Imagine we are all wise people sitting on top of mountains
the mountains exist at varying heights and places on the planet
The height is determined by how good we are
The relation of our acts to others is like the relation of the mountains in space
The various laws are the vehicles that travel too and fro between the mountains
Some crime law enforcement vehicles some civil enforcement law vehicles travel around between us as we act and react to each other
These are climbing vehicles that must scale the mountains
But beauty is the kinetic energy that drives these vehicles
the higher they climb the more beautiful
We look around from our heights at other mountains and see others our associates because we are on a similar height
Those higher up can look down with moral indignation on the lessor peaks
Winds are the actions that we commit blowing between us up and down the slopes and through the valleys.

Copyright Peter Timusk September 2003

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