Friday, August 29, 2003

I am no longer confused. I must have a good amount of resilience. They say babies have a lot of this. Our baby is now crawling and trying to walk. About no longer being confused...I talked to my dad who suggested staying with the Law studies. I scored A in my introduction to private law course I found out just yesterday so I think why not stay with law? I got myself registered in a course in criminal law reform, a course in crime and the state in history and a course in mediation, as well as, a course in Comprehending Written French 1 which a fellow worker took this summer. I have to drop two of these. Books will not be expensive at least not like the math books costing 140$ each. Besides my dad has agree to pay for these for my b-day present. He has also helped me buy a new black ink printer cartridge for my new printer. The old printer is still a great back up.

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