Tuesday, August 05, 2003

I got home and my wife was with her friend so I gave them some privacy to talk and I went to the peace of my office and started reading and emailing. I searched google.ca using a search term that was a sentence or two from one of my papers. I found some interesting links that way. Yahoo was good too for this searching. One yahoo link was to an article in an Indian news source about the democractic potential of the Internet. I sent the link to too many people I am sure.

I contacted two student major project team members from last years Sociology of Science and Technology course too.

Now I am getting ready for my Law lecture on TV. I am cueing my video tape as I write this. My office is not peaceful now.

I cooked supper and spoke some French. I attempted to explain the workings of computer screen programming in French to my wife and her friend.

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