Tuesday, October 14, 2003

I did my usual proof reading emails I had sent in the past 24 hours. I was surfing ebay and looking for a zip drive for my TP T30. I found some new and some refurbished. All these were significantly cheaper than buying one from IBM. I researched the IBM web site and my manual on what model zip drive works in my TP. I actually read the whole manual and found out that I am entitled to one copy of Lotus Smart Suite Millenium edition. That is good and I will be sure to order my copy on CD. I have some files made in the time span: 1999-2002, that were made with Smart Suite so now I will be able to open these again. There are real problems with file formats and interoperatability and cross platform functionality. I am glad this solves some problems. Wait I have my old copy of Smart Suite on CD maybe it will install on the IBM TP. I know it would not install on non-IBM computers but maybe the copy that was intended for my desktop 2170-19U will work on my 2366-85U. Copy protect I guess that works on a brand specific limit.

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