Saturday, October 04, 2003

Well I still do survey's including completeing the blogger survey. Ok a blog is journal and on-line public journal. Up to the beginning of this year my journals have all been private. In one course last year, I was required to hand in a journal. This term I also have a journal to keep for one course. These are academic journals. In some cases Blogs are becoming part of the course requirements. I also keep a daily journal that is part travel log, part task listing, part sleep records, and part budget. In the same binder I now carry, school notes and readings. In 1995-1998 I kept monthly Claris works files for daily writing. I have been trying to get this computer journal stuff happening again but not much luck. I have also tried to extend the journal in courses concept to other courses that I have studied in the past to keep notes on the readings I still do for those courses. These course journals have heavily influenced this blog.

As such this blog will now revert to keeping of computer notes and a new blog will be opened with blogspot for my course and school work.

And here it is at

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