Saturday, October 28, 2006

We bought my wife an iPod movie. I had trouble with it because I had selected not to be automatically synced and now the iPod does not show up in the main panel of iTunes but only in the left hand devices list. This means I can not delete from it and also I need to add songs manually.

I bought it an Otter iPod case and at first thought I had the wrong case but after viewing the Otter cases web site I found out the case would fit the iPod movie. So now my wife"s iPod has some home movies, some rock songs, and a large collection of Beethoven and Mozart music ready to go in a protective case.

As an after thought I think I will connect the iPod movie to this Macbook and see if I can fix the problem with the iPod panel.

Second after thought, I am so dumb as are the apple support people I called. The panel needed to be scrolled down and then the iPod needed to be registered and then it was ready to go. So everything is ok now.

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