Saturday, October 28, 2006

I now have a Palm Treo 600. With this I have so far been successful in getting the calendar, contacts, to do list and memos onto the Treo from the Tungsten W. I have also installed Astro Info, Palm Reader, InMeeting, and Adode Reader for the Palm. I have also added a number of Palm Reader files. I still need to add Adobe pdf files. I have not been able to access the backed up InMeeting files. I also need to buy a copy of Documents to Go for this Palm. I should also install Avante Go and configure it for this new Palm handheld computer. I have a complementary copy of an MP3 player to still download and install from Palm. I have service for this palm now as my main cell phone and mobile internet. I have closed my wireless account with the other Tungsten W service. Yesterday I bought a 1 GB SD card for this palm at a cost of 30$ plus tax.

This reminds me I really should do some work adding fellow and sister workers to my contacts list and also fellow and sister volunteers.

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