Thursday, August 31, 2006

The trick to help speed up the emptying of encrypted files on my eMac works. I spent about 2 hours doing this yesterday morning after work. I only spent about ten minutes doing this this morning. Not that the process speeded up that much that is just the time I spent on it. But the number of clicks has been reduced drastically. I can see the end in sight now for cleaning up the trash. In fact, I am working more on blogs this morning. I also doing on-line shopping.

I also just won on ebay a docking port for my new used Thinkpad. I paid 1 cent for this and 17 dollars shipping. Tomorrow is pay day and I have bought two iSkin keyboard covers which should be here by next week if not Friday this week.

One is for the Macbook as they now have designed a cover for that keyboard. I was waiting for them to do this. I also got a keyboard cover for my eMac. Last time I tried to get a keyboard cover for my new eMac's keyboard I bought the wrong iSkin keyboard cover. This wrong cover was for the old style eMac keyboard. My old style eMac keyboard is very dirty and was no longer in use. I had replaced the keyboard last year. So I brought out the old keyboard and put the cover on it without cleaning the old keyboard. Oh well three keyboard covers now with costs about 100$. I also have a Neo case from iSkin for my PSP now.

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