Friday, August 04, 2006

Inspired by my Debian downloads and disk making I bought a used refurbished Thinkpad R31. This older laptop probably only has a celeron or Pentium III processor. I don't know yet. It does have a 1 Ghz processor, I know that. I don't have the laptop yet and don't expect to have it until next weekend. Next weekend I have some more teaching assistant work to do. So I will spend time between installing Debian and teaching assistant marking. The Thinkpad comes with a 20 GB hard drive with Windows XP Home edition, which I will immediately replace with a new 60GB drive I have for my Linux install. One really good feature of this particular Thinkpad is its optical drive which is a combo CDRW and DVD ROM drive. This means I can burn CD's in Linux now. This machine will not have Windows installed when I use it. But when it is time to sell this laptop I will simply reinstall the original 20 GB drive with Windows XP home and can then give or sell this Thinkpad to someone who needs a Windows machine.

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