Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I successfully installed WinXP on the Macbook. I phoned microsoft and they gave me another product key for WinXP. The service was excellent. I had some hiccups with installing WinXP and probably needed to retry it six times or more. But within 24 hours of getting the Macbook it was dual boot. Within about 30 hours I had bought the first accessory for it. I bought a foof sleeve for it from a local mac user.

I am trying to win a powerbook on ebay for a friend. We don't want to pay more than 200$ which means buying a lombard just might be possible. We might have to pay a little more than 200$ when we pay the shipping and duty at the border.

I sold a Quadra 800 to a father for his son to learn programming on. I also gave them my copy of ThinkC for the Macintosh and a a ThinkC library book, I also gave a computer self help book titled Learning C on the Macintosh. The first Macintosh book I got was a C programming book to learn C by building a project. I should try that out on my eMac in my office and see if I can learn some more GUI level C. I read the Learning C on the Macintosh book while on a boring shift at work. The father paid me 20$ which paid for the Macbook sleeve.

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