Thursday, June 01, 2006

Gossip and pros and cons of multifunction tools.

I don't usually write about other people and I try not to gossip about people. But tonight I over heard a guy with his girl friend describing his computer tool kit and all it could do. It seems he was enamoured by his computers and relating this to his girl friend. I think he was trying to associate his love of computers with his love of his friend. I don't think he was fully aware of the effect he was having on his friend.

Anyway I am also shopping for tools at the moment but the only computer hardware tool I am thinking about and have been thinking about this tool for years is the Swiss Army Cybertool. There is a store that sells this locally for 75$. But basically this is some sort of fantasy of mine to have this tool always at the ready for repairing computers. In fact, I have all the tools on this swiss army knife as single tools and in some ways having screw drivers and a nut drivers as single tools is better than having these multifunction tools. The multifunction tools may allow one to carry many tools in a smaller package but the grip and strenght one can transfer to the twist is not as a strong on a multifunction tool, as when one has the same screw driver on a single tool. The tools I am mostly looking for at the moment are carpentry tools. In fact I am thinking of buying a circular saw.

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