Thursday, December 15, 2005

I got my new computer an Apple eMac

But this new computer does not work well yet. I am attemping right now to reinstall Mac OS X. I have transfered all the applications and user accounts and network settings from my old eMac. After doing this I was able to open about three applications but once open could not do anything with them. I did a hardware test at my brothers suggestion and the hardware is fine. We both figured that perhaps the file transfer had made the new eMac not work properly. I was also not given the extra 512 MB RAM chip I paid for. It seems either the store was trying to rob me or they forgot to install it. I will have to get the extra 512 MB RAM chip from them and install it myself. I have paid for it already. I guess I could see this as one time when I am giving a store credit rather than them giving me credit.

I have about 30 minutes left in the Max OS X install and then I can see again if the new eMac works. In fact in the time it took me to write this it has rebooted and asked for the Install Disk 2.

This first Mac OS X install didn't work. So I did a clean install and did not firewire transfer anything but instead used my USB back up drive to do things manually. I am taking my usual file storage area on the desktop and moving it to the documents folder.

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