Sunday, December 18, 2005

I got iBlog working on the new eMac. I copied the folder from application support for iBlog and also copied the peferences file for iBlog. Now iBlog is open with all my old iBlogs there ready to go.

I also used the copied iTunes folder to update my iPod so lost some voice memos (I don't know why) which I am just transfering back.

I used my Iomega huge 20GB portable drive to do these transfers by swapping the USB cable between the two eMacs which are side by side on the living room desk.

I finally cleaned up cables in the office in front of the PC server and the shelves. Most of the cables are now behind the shelves. I also cleared off my desktop space around the IBM monitor, MSN keyboard, and IBM mouse, so I can comfortably and safely use the Fedora core machine in the office. I also after this just minutes ago, cleared up papers and headphones and ear phones off the living room desk.

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