Saturday, November 19, 2005

I was able open a CD and read pdfs on the Debian laptop. I used KDiskFree to mount the CD ROM drive. I have started to use this laptop for statistics studies.

I repartitoned the external USB 160GB drive on my eMac and made a partition large enough to hold the iTunes folder for the 60GB iPod. I did have to change the iTunes folder location back to the eMac temporarily, so needed to trash about 10 GB of songs to do this. I am now putting my music CD's back into iTunes. I am having trouble because songs I bought recently from the iTunes store are on the iPod but not in iTunes. Apple iTunes support have send me a web link to a help page on how to transfer songs on the iPod so I will read that and see if I can solve my problem.

I was able to find a source for eMacs. So I may buy an eMac from the school computer store. I would get a superdrive model with 1 GB memory and maybe 250GB hard drive. I need some help to afford this.

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