Tuesday, November 29, 2005

eMac now running Tiger

I was able to get a copy of Tiger on a family license. So now my old eMac is running Tiger. I had wanted to try widgets and I am trying a TV watching widget, a URL checker widget, and a longfingers World View widget. Longfinger's PSP version of the World View inspired some PSP web mastering by me a few weeks ago.

My computers and gadgets are all running ok except for the Palm but that was only a minor hiccup. My Palm w ran out of power so need to be restored from back up. I also installed Documents to Go on the Mac so now have that functionality between the Palm and the Mac. I am tempted to upgrade the Palm to a Treo 650 this Christmas because my Noikia cell phone contract has almost expired. The Palm w was last Christmas present to myself and the previous Christmas(2003) the cell phone was on a holiday deal from Bell Canada.

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