Friday, September 16, 2005

I bought a Belkin USB keyboard and Kensington USB mouse for the Thinkpad T30 so I can work comfortably at the external monitor with out the broken screen blocking the way. Both of these work fine in Win2K and Debian 3.1. I explored a little of the Debian net applications. Last night I installled R and SAS 8.2 on the Win2K side. R is already installed on the Debian side.

The clamshell iBook should arrive next week sometime. I will still need to buy it a larger hard drive and install Panther on it. I will also still need to install more memory.

If I get a new refurbished Thinkpad I will use the 60GB drive and reinstall WinXP and Debian 3.1 on the new Thinkpad.

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