Monday, September 12, 2005

I am mostly working on my eMac for everyday work. I did get a 160GB external USB hard drive by Western Digital. I made four partitions and left two partitions free. I made one of the first ones 60GB and the other 14GB. These two are Mac extended journalling partitions. I copied the desktop, email and user to these partitions. So some simple copy file back ups have been done. I just disconnected the hard drive tonight. I will do this copy once a month.

So this goes back to my two 160GB drives with a network USB connector. I will wait until the Linksys USB hard drive network connector becomes a bit cheaper and also get two other 160GB drives for general (none back up) use but I will also wait until these drives become cheaper. The new 160GB drive cost about 280$.

Speaking of costs I have also been upgrading my PA equipment and that has cost hundreds of dollars. I am getting a rack case for this music gear and might buy some music rack cases for computers at some point. May be later this fall I will buy a small 1U or 2U HP server with Pentium III dual processors and about 60GB hard drives. This would be to do music on the server maybe as a Linux workstation may be as a WinXP or WinVista workstation. Maybe dual boot would work well. I would need at least one PCI slot on the server too for a music interface card. At least I can use the music store for a supplier of rack cases. I think I will take some pictures now of my new PA gear and place them on our musical blog.

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