Thursday, June 23, 2005

It is the end of a long day. A lot has been achieved this morning. I was finally able to transfer email to my eMac and Mac Mail application from my Windows Outlook Express email application. It will take maybe another 20 hours to complete this task.

I am following exact instructions given at Apple support pages. I using a trial account at dot Mac to use dot Mac's IMAP email server to upload from windows then download email to the eMac. I have 600 MB to transfer. I have to do this in small portions as the IMAP server account at dot Mac has a 30MB limit.

I am making a lot of copies of email stores on the eMac and need to delete these backups and organisational tools after I am done. By orgainsational tools I mean I am seperating large inboxes to temporary folders to make it easier to sort the uploaded and then downloaed emails into the eMac inbox and not miss a single email. Back up store folders are just a standard precaution.

I was also able to help a friend back up his email in Win98 and next week I will help him install his new 80GB hard drive. I will not loan him my copy of Windows. He will still run win98. I have given him a linux computer as well. There is a balance there.

I installed my new colour ink cartridge on my Espon 440 in the office. I am also working in Open Office and Word to write a brief legal paper for my spring term work in my public law course where there is nothing to learn about computers and the law. I am happy with this. But in fact I did learn to download the professor's power point slides from last term then when this terms slides are posted I "save target as" and then as I save, I delete last term's power point file and replace it with the fresh download all in the same "save as" dialogue box.

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