Saturday, January 22, 2005

I could not install Open Office on the Macintosh because of some Free Fonts issue. I could not get grass 5.4 to run under cygwin. I could do all the install steps for cygwin and grass 5.4 though. I did successfully install Open Office 1.1.4 on the Win XP laptop. I also was able to install a 10 day demo of Grammarian Pro x on the eMac. I have not tried my new version of grass on the eMac.

I learned a directory address with a space such as My Documents can be refered to by inclosing it in single quotes in a call directory command. Thus cd 'My Documents' works whereas cd My Documents does not.

I read a legal paper on cyber pornography that covered European legislation. I search Computers and Society and also some other ACS journals. I printed numerous articles at least 8 articles for my law paper and my data mining course. I actually read one article just now too. I loaded some new journal pdf's to my plam and would need a SD card to add more papers for my Palm. I tried to activate my Palm cell phone but I need a sim card for sure for that.

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