Sunday, January 09, 2005

I am going to spend more than 10 dollars at iTunes today. I am going to buy Deep Puprle and also Yes albumns.

I got my Quadra working on a bare Mac OS 7.5 with only networking from this Apple page with these files:

This files explains what to do to install system 7.5 if you don't have an OS I think. Anyways it also explains how to use self mounting images but I have to download them to the Quadra first. So I need to network the Quadra to a Mac ethertalk server.
This software was used to network the Quadra and I got it working. But first I had to put the file on a floppy as an image file.
This is the how to file to use the network OS 7.5 file ibid. The method would not work on my eMac and I need to use my old Powerbook 140.
This how to file allowed me to create an imgage of the network OS 7.5 on a floppy that worked on the Quadra
This is the image creation software I used on the Powerbook 140 to make the network boot disk for the Quadra.
In the end I got ethertalk working on the Quadra but my eMac won't work as server with the old OS. It was an intersting and frustrating learning experience and yes I took my frustrations out on innocent passers by.

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