Sunday, February 14, 2010

Updating Fink and Fink Commander on my Macbook.

I have to use the Otter/Mace9 automated theorem prover for some school work in knowledge representation. I have it running on my Ubuntu Dell Mini 9 netbook already. Since I am typing up my school work in LaTeX on my Macbook, I want to run Otter/Mace9 on my Macbook. I usually install GNU software like Otter/Mace9 with Fink. So I am having to update Fink and Fink Commander.

Now after writing this, I searched Fink and could not find Otter in Fink. I will try to install it in a Macintosh package from the Otter/Mace9 web site. For now I have Prover on the Macbook which is a newer version of Otter/Mace9. I would like to use the old version still.

May be the newer version Prover will help me get started with Otter because so far I have not had success with the resolution function in Otter on the netbook. And the resolution function and then refutation is the point of this Otter software

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