Sunday, December 14, 2008

I got an early Christmas present from my father. It is a new 250GB hard drive for my Macbook laptop.

I bought a new laptop hard drive. I bought a 250GB drive for 75$ from a local computer store. Here are the specs Fujitsu model MH22 BH.My brother gave me instructions to use the Leopard Time Machine software to help replace the drive. I will use Time Machine in the first step and fourth step.

The first step is to do a full back up of the Macbook hard drive using Time Machine. To do this I will use the LaCie 250 GB hard drive that I have been doing Macbook backups on. I needed to delete the most recent back up of the eMac that I had done on the LaCie 250 GB to give me enough space, 90 GB, to do a full back up of the 80 GB drive.

I am waiting for iTunes to get loaded with the new library then I will shut down all applications on the Macbook and run only the finder and Time Machine to complete the first step.

Once that first step is done I will test the Leopard Install DVD to make sure it is going to work according to the Time Machine instructions for a system restore.

Then the third step, if the Leopard Install disk appears like it is going to work, is to replace the hard drive. I will use the instructions at iFix it to replace the hard drive. I happen to have the tools I need because I had bought a Torx T8 screw driver when I refurbished an original iBook a few years ago.

Then the fourth and final step is to follow the instructions for a system restore from the backup made by Time Machine on the LaCie 250 GB USB drive.

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