Tuesday, November 11, 2008

First boot worked now installing Windows XP 64 bit.

So today on Remembrance day I bought the Intel E8400 Dual core 64 bit Wolfdale processor. It uses 65 watts and is 80 plus power efficient. I installed it in under five minutes. I hooked up a keyboard, ethernet cable, mouse and monitor and booted the machine. The first attempt failed and I investigated the motherboard. In fact, the power cable to the motherboard was not securely attached. After I fixed this the system booted up. I went into the BIOS setup and set the clock. I then saved the configuration and then the system asked for boot media. I turned it off and burned a windows XP 64 bit operating system disk and am now installing it. The next step will be to update windows. Then I will install the motherboard drivers. Then the monitor drivers. I will then start installing software. I will make a list on this blog later today of the software I will install.

I am downloading a current release copy of the Debian net install CD and later today I will install Debian on the second drive.

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