Sunday, April 27, 2008

Still burning backup DVD's from the 2006 state of the Macbook1.

The eMac DVD drive is not opening so I switched to Macbook for backups and then turned off the virus software and the Macbook is doing fine burning the DVD's of the 2006 end of year files that were on the Macbook1. These are copied off the USB drive they were stored on by LaCie Backup software which backed up the user folder then in 2006.

The email from 2006 is all backed up now to six DVD's and properly labeled. The whole user folder is not being backed up to a number of separate DVD's and I am not sure how many DVD's I will need to split the user folder into. So far I have the folders and files decided for two DVD's and the first disk is now burned to six identical copies. The backups continue.

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