Sunday, November 05, 2006

My computers are working fine. I have learned how to keep my Debian computer updated. I updated windows XP on my Macbook. I also installed the IP90 printer on the windows side of the Macbook. I also hotsynced the palm on the windows computer side of the Macbook thereby installing some medical palm applications but that is not completed. I paid for these medical softwares. I also downloaded a trial version of Documents To Go version 9 and have it working on my Palm Treo 600 now. I took some photos with the Treo of a union picket I attended.

I also made a profile picture with the Second Life viewer camera, of my Second Life avatar and wrote a little blurb for my avatar. I had used Second Life almost every day this past week as I build the web design offices in world and met people in world and through email.


I am going to back up my mac computers today and start a DVD disk back up process as well as the usual hard drive back up.

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