Sunday, April 09, 2006

I found "secure empty trash" on my Mac does a better job of emptying the trash of my encrypted files. At least, I experimented and found out. I was developing a bit of repetitive stain injury emptying the trash when the process would stop at each encrypted file and ask for a click to continue. My arm is better now although the memory of the pain is still there cautioning my use of the mouse.

I am installing a movie on the PSP. I was told of this movie by Internet researcher Martin Dodge in an email to the AoIR discussing email list. The English wikipedia entry for this movie is here The cite for the movie is King, Steven. Computer Networks - The Heralds of Resource Sharing (Boston, Mass.: MIT, 1972) Length: 30 min 22 sec, Apr 7, 2006 from google video (cited April 9th, 2006). It is on google video for watching or downloading to PC, Mac, iPod video, or PSP. Although the movie may be of significance it featues only male talking heads with women depicted as computer operators. So it is old school sexism at heart.

I am finally upgrading the parts for my iBook and may be able to restore the top and track pad to mint condition as well. It is a bit costly but I may use my old IBM Thinkpad T30 40 GB hard drive for the upgrade. Other than that the Mac OS 10.2 should cost about 30$ and a 256 MB PC 133 laptop RAM chip will also not cost more than 30$. Not sure what I should pay for the new top; but more than 20$ it will cost.

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