Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Getting more memory for the Intellistation statistical workstation from ebay.

I did a little surfing of ebay and found an offer of 640MB of PC133 RAM. I would then have about 996 MB of RAM in my statistical workstation. I should stop using this workstation for web mastering and make it a more dedicated machine for only statistics. Speaking of which I have some SAS homework to do for this week and this coming weekend and the beginning of next week. I also was able to install SAS 9.1.3 on my eMac on the Win2K partition. SAS we get for free from school will only work on UNIX or Windows. That is why to get SAS working on my Macintosh I need to install it on the Win2K operating system running in Virtual PC on my eMac. Also in statistics I have to prepare an hour long talk on using R for our local linux users group. I should try to write the basic outline tonight but also have some statistics homework grading to do today.

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