Saturday, October 15, 2005

Apparently this months Mac World has some stuff on using the PSP with the Macintosh computer. I may pick it up later this month. I just listened to a pod cast by the PDA guy on my new iPod 60GB. I have almost put 4 GB of songs on now. I have some podcasts( I have surfed the health catagory for podcasts at iTunes store so far) and about one thousand photos. The 60GB iPod photo took a price dive this week as the new models came out so I took advantage of this and picked up one of the old models at a reduced price. I also got an open box item from future shop for further savings. I got an Otter iPod case, l as I would recommend for an iPod, as these are water proof, dust proof, and some of their cases are crush proof. I have simple Otter case for my PDA not the full PDA case they make but just a box. I can work the iPod while it is protected in the case.

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