Sunday, July 24, 2005


It would definitely be cheaper to buy a second hard or replacement hard drive for the IBM thinkpad than buying a second Thinkpad to run Linux. I wonder if I could run Linux off of a second hard drive in the laptop then use a firewire card I have to run a DVD burner to replace the CD/DVD drive that I would loose if I used the Ultrabay for a second hard drive. I think this is a good plan.

The iBook did not arrive at the end of the week so hopefully it arrives next week. My funds for fixing it up won't be available until the 11th of August.

With about 250$ or less for a larger iBook hard drive, a similar amount for the Thinkpad second hard drive, plus 100$ or less for an ultra bay hard drive holder, plus 150$ for more iBook memory; I am looking at about 750$ in computer expenses in the near future. Then might have to pay 100$ for an external DVD burner. But if I buy the hard drives on ebay I can save about 200$ and also I can save on the ultra bay hard drive holder maybe getting it for 30-60$. The memory cost is about as cheap as it can get right now so costs might be more like 600$ for everything.

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