Thursday, May 05, 2005

I got my IBM 20 GB drive to connect in the USB box but it could not be read on the winXP laptop. Also on the laptop I used Microsoft Virtual PC to install win98 and then updated this.

This somehow led me to trying old back up CD's and I restored email from April 2001-April 2002 to my present copy of Outlook Express. During this time I was using my Aptiva computer. After April 2002 I used Win98 on the duron computer. In April 2003 I got my eMac and all the email on that machine is still accessible but not backed up. Also much of the email from September 2003 until now is on the WinXP laptop. I am just investigating old back up CD's tonight and copying some files to the T30 laptop. I might repeat this on the eMac.

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