Sunday, April 17, 2005

I uninstalled the demo copies of Scientific Notebook and Scientific Word on my winXP Thinkpad T30. I may later buy these softwares but did not use them much. I also have not really used Laytex or Tex yet much at all. I do use Maple, Matlab, R and SAS most on Windows computers but also on Mac computers.

I tried installing the Debian desktop environment and x windows on the Thinkpad 360Cs. I needed to rm Gimp and then unselect mozilla in dselect and then unselect gimp. I don't have a good xf86configure file yet but everything is installed and configured. I need to change my video driver to vga16 and should have done more research before configuring x windows the first time. Maybe I will run tasksel again to see if it allows me to change the driver. I can't seem to install the driver I need with dselect or apt-get. I used yahoo's Linux room a bit for support. I also found a new battery for sale for this Thinkpad on ebay for about 70$ CND.

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