Monday, December 24, 2007

Year end back ups started.

Well needing to clear one of the 250 GB hard drives off of files I began to back up the backups on that hard drive. I started with the Desktop folders for the eMac2 and that took two DVD's for the folders from year end 2006 and all through 2007 except the last year end copy of the Desktop. I still must make one year end Desktop folder. This will be tonight's task. I used 4.7 GB DVD's and made four copies of each DVD. I want to keep three copies here and send two copies to one family member and one extra copy to another family member. So in all I need six copies. So I need to make two more copies of these two DVD's. For now I deleted the two DVD burn folders which were mounted on the desktop. Tonight I will make four 8 GB DVD's of all the 2007 Desktop folders and the year end 2006 folder.

I will want to buy more blank DVD's at the boxing day sales.

I learned to unlock the burn folders after the first burn and it was this locked aspect which was giving me a lot of trouble in the past with burning DVD's and the Finder going into non-response.

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