Friday, December 28, 2007

1 GB memory upgrade may be this evening.

I think Memory upgrades are rather trouble-less events. I have not had any trouble with them except on old 386's with very used memory. But I suppose there could be issues. I am upgrading my Macbook from 1 GB with two 512 MB PC 5300 chips to 2 GB with two 1 GB chips. These two 1 GB chips should come in the mail in the next few hours. To be on the safe side I will connect the Leopard TimeMachine external backup drive now and make sure it runs a few times before I put the new memory in the machine. I will also follow instructions exactly as I found them at the Apple support pages for installing new RAM into a Macbook. Basically this means taking the battery out and then unscrewing one little metal frame with philips 00 screws. Then I take out the old memory and put in the new. I can then may be sell the old memory.

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