Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The year end back up continues

I am having less issues with the Finder going into the "not responding" state. I did burn two 8 GB DVD's that backed up all the Desktop copies for 2007. I have two more to burn and I am all out of 8 GB DVD's. I do not plan to buy more of these right now. I did order 100 4 GB blank DVD's for 20 dollars to continue this process.

To continue to clear the hard drive I have deleted all the twenty some CD's of Debian 4.0. I have burned some of these to CD and what I deleted was the original downloads. If I have too I could download these again. I have also not had to use these as my last Debian install was done with a net install disk. I do not have too many other files I can just delete. I have about 51 GB free space now. I need about 85 at present to hold my iTunes library for streaming. If I can meet this goal with this drive I will not need a new drive.

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