Sunday, December 16, 2007

Desktop PC.

I decided to run my Blackberry off of the new IBM computer while running WinXP. I think I have a tool in Debian for this too but I am not sure. One joke I have heard it case you're interested is to call a Blackberry a crackberry. Certainly there are addicts in my city along with Blackberry users. I am concerned as well to help these addicts more than I would help Blackberry owners and I do help people by volunteering in social services.

But I have not been using the WinXP Operating system much on the IBM desktop so I am having to spend an hour or two downloading updates from Microsoft now. The reason I am needing to use the Desktop PC rather than the Macbook WinXP is that the Macbook Win XP partition is almost full and I need to save that for my SAS install. I use SAS at work and need to have a home copy to learn on and have a school license for SAS.

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