Sunday, March 02, 2014

Sharing recordings with Soundcloud

I have start6ed to share recordings of my guitar playing with Soundcloud.

Ardour use and drifing into Lilypond automation

I haven't really used Ardour since I was studying music course on Coursera.I do start it but never record.

I have started to learn more Lilypond and have used both Excel and SAS to automatically code music scores. I can adjust the code systematically and then feed it into Lilypond and produce both PDF books and also midi files. I am just getting started and the potential to write book length scores is now available to me

I have been using a Dell Alienware M14X for home computing

I have taken to buying Dell computers on credit. The latest one I bought is a Dell Alienware M14X and I paid for it in one year with no interest paid on the loan.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Part time coding job.

I started some part time work on a text analytics tool. I am coding data drawn down from various popular internet web sites.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Ubuntu Studio installed on my Dell Vostro 3350 as well and tested working fine for audio.

I thought about it and the cost of having yet another single field laptop. I have the Dell Vostro 3350 as a business computer and in the year I have owned it used it only sparingly for business plans and some conference paper work. I also use it to keep track of domain registration renewal dates. In other words I am not doing much with the business side of computing. Also a new laptop for just Ubuntu Studio is out of my price affordability right now. So I went ahead and split the 1 TB drive in half using the Ubuntu installer and installed Ubuntu Studio on my Dell 3350.

I also just purchased a nice Shure SM 81 condenser microphone which is my first condenser microphone. Testing both the Ubuntu Studio using Ardour and the microphone everything seems to work. Now I can practice my paper presentation audio too although I could have done that anyways with Audacity on Windows. I did use Adobe Audition on a trial license with Windows 7 on my new Dell Alienware M14X but could not get my USB audio interface to work as an input source. Figuring that on either Windows or Linux audio won't be a piece of cake I am deciding to go with Linux as it is cheaper and potentially much more professional.

Saturday, April 06, 2013

Ubuntu Studio install

I can't really afford another laptop right now to install Ubuntu Studio on so I may install it on my quad boot desktop computer. I have only downloaded the DVD so far and have not burned it yet to disk.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

I was able to access one tape section from my Iomega Ditto drive.

I had been thinking there was a lot of data on this old tape. I found only one web site's back up files and some creative writing. I may be able to find a back up file on there but the simple copy function only showed these few files. I used my IBM Pentium 1 Thinkpad with Win98 to access the tape drive.

I searched out information and programs online to get this old tape drive working. It will only work in Win98, and Win NT. That's why I used this old laptop, as it is my only Win98 computer. In the end the software I found was just one on someone's FTP in Norway and so it was a bit of a risky download. The company no longer have the software available. Ageing computers are an issue.

Sunday, February 05, 2012

I completed some year end back ups on my Dell Alienware and Dell Studio laptops

I have not been using my Macbook much in the past year nor the eMac. Mostly I use the Dell Studio laptop for daily personal work and the Alienware M11X for games. Both of these machines are backed up regularly but not automatically.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Sold my Dell Vostro 1015.

I sold my Vostro 1015 running Ubuntu 11.10 to a friend who gave it to her daughter. I really only needed to back up sent e-mail that had been sent from this laptop. I did also back up documents I had made on the machine. This machine was my main laptop for a non-profit I was involved in that refurbishes computers and installs Ubuntu on the refurbished machines.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I backed up my Dell Studio.

I backed up my Dell Studio to network drive and then a second copy of the back up was made to an external firewire drive.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Both my Vostro 1510 and my Vostro V130n had their Linux software updated this week.

These two Vostro's are my two Linux only machines. "Look ma, no windows." I updated them both this week with security updates and newer versions of software. The Vostro V130n is dual boot Edubuntu and Kubuntu. The Vostro 1510 is the latest Kubuntu.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

I was successful installing SAS on Edubuntu 11.04

I got a hold of some instructions from a blog and got the SAS installed on Linux. A support worker at work found the instructions for me.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I updated my computers and various operating systems

My Linux operating systems are failing. I can no longer access the Debian 6 on Remembrance or update the Transmission 4.0 fully on Remembrance. The Debian 6 seems to have an X window problem and has become a print server and I can not start tasksel on it or use sudo. The transmission is having problems with the Adobe Flash update. I did update just now, Debian 4 on Remembrance and also the Win XP 64 bit. I am attempting to rescue the Kubuntu on the Alienware M11X this morning. I lost it soon after upgrading to 11.04 Kubuntu. I have two Dell Vostro laptops which came from Dell with Linux already installed and these have been updated to Kubuntu 11.04 and one also boots to Edubuntu 11.04 now. These are both working fine still. And I receive e-mail on one and send e-mail using KMail. On the other newer one a Vostro V130n I use Evolution yet have not configured the sending of e-mail. I no longer really use Macs in any regular way. I still depend on my e-Mac to be my e-mail storage machine and turn it on every week or two to download new e-mail. All my other machines leave the e-mail on the server. I think the e-mail service I have which is managed in the back end by hotmail actually keeps a few months or more of the e-mail on the server anyways.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

My home computer ownership history.

I used to use an Apple Performa 580CD computer in 1995 to 1998 as my main home computer. This was my first computer with a mouse and colour screen. I then got a hand me down Hewlet Packard 166 Mhz Pentium I computer running Windows 95. This began my Outlook Express e-mail client use phase. This computer was the only computer I did not save the email from. Then I purchased with my school's help an IBM Aptiva running Windows 98 in late 1999. With this computer I got Broadband Internet in my home for the first time. Then a year or two later again with help from others I got a Duron 850 Mhz clone PC running Windows 98. Some of the e-mail from this computer is still locked up on a hard drive I can not access. The case of this computer is still being used for Remembrance my present quad boot PC. I then went back to Mac's and got an early model eMac and that was my main machine for years. I also got an IBM Thinkpad laptop refurbished with Windows XP and that got me through most of my last BA. I then bought a last model eMac that I still have. The IBM laptop screen broke and I got all the data off it. For awhile in those days I used an IBM rack mount server for daily home used with a Windows NT 3 desktop. It also booted into Red Hat and then later when Red Hat started to cost money Red Hat's free Fedora Linux. I then in 2006 got a first model Macbook which I still have. I used an IBM Thinkcentre with XP for a while for a windows machine and I then built Remembrance a 64 bit Windows XP machine in 2008. I continued to use the Macbook and eMac. The eMac and Macbook became my regular machines for home use and I only used the Windows really for Eve Online ( a game) and some Windows based school related programming. I then started to buy Dell computers in 2009. This then began my more extensive use of Linux phase. I also used an Inspiron laptop running Vista for one year then got an Alienware M11X running Windows 7 and then this Dell Studio also Windows 7 and when I got the Studio laptop I retired the Macbook. I also use a Vostro running the latest Kubuntu. Also all my PC's have the ability to boot into Debian Linux including Debian 4 and 6.