Sunday, October 12, 2008

Technology consumer goods prices are always going down so as long as something does not leave the market, it always better to wait

The Wolfdale CPU I had wanted, the 8400 is down in price to around 170$ now. It had been at 180$ I will not be buying it this week most likely. But perhaps two weeks and a few days from now. RAM prices are also going down. I plan to buy either 533 or 800 DDR2 RAM although the mother board manual says only 533 can be used for 8 GB of RAM. This would be about 160$. Those are the main remaining pieces in the computer. I have now started wanting a new LCD monitor or even two and a stand for two monitors. This would be about 600 dollars more on this project but one monitor could work with the Mac Mini. The Mac Mini would be 1000$ so perhaps an iMac for a few hundred more might be better.

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