Thursday, October 09, 2008

Missing blogs and numerous accounts all over the web.

I started a couple of word press blogs I never use. Today I signed up for a virtual worlds integration project. But it is some commercial project. I had a gmail account too for my Second Life avatar but can not log in now. I also have forgotten about the inworld blogging system I had installed in Second Life. I also left the socioprano forum behind. There is a similar PHP forum for users of manual focus lens on digital cameras I joined this summer. I should go back there now and up date my signature file and read some more there. I have a hosted web space on yahoo with three blogs that get some updates. I have lost access to one blog I used to update daily. It was an semi anonymous blog. I use non anonymous email lists to fill that void now. I also opened a my experiment account and have open sourced some spreadsheets and also some R code there. That site is non-commercial, in fact, an open source government site based and funded in the UK. Mostly it is for bioinformatics.

Yes I have lost a number of accounts within my busy digital life

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