Friday, October 10, 2008

My eMac is getting to be slow

I do most of my computing on a late 2005 eMac. It is becoming slow and I can no longer open the DVD drive. I leave it on all day sleeping. It has seen a lot of use. But it still runs Second Life just fine and is able to surf the net. All my email stores are on this machine. I need to transfer email to another newer machine. The easiest transfer would be to my Macbook. This would also reduce energy use of I started to do all my email on the Macbook.

Another plan is to upgrade to an iMac. An even cheaper plan would be to upgrade to a Mac Mini. This might also allow me to use the planned upgraded monitors that are going to be the monitors for the new PC. I am looking at refurbished 22 inch HP w2207 on sale at Future Shop. These are selling for 199 right now and I think of buying two monitors and placing them on a stand. I could switch one monitor back and forth between the PC and the Mac Mini.

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