Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I have a new Internet modem from Bell.

I have a brand new 2wire Internet modem. It is apparently a wireless four port router as well as a gateway. I have not set it up yet but now that my school work is submitted for the week I may set it up on Thursday. I have horror stories warning about changing successful network setups with new parts but I will go ahead with it. I did not want to risk changing it before my critical Internet activities were past for awhile. I no longer have a back up ready Internet service because I no longer have a computer with telephone modem. Although, I do have two telephone Internet services I have not accessed these for a few years now. To correct this I should buy a USB modem for my Macbook.

I found out from Bell that I use about 23 GB in downloads in a month and less than 2 GB of uploads for around 24 GB of traffic. I have now been upgraded to a 60 GB limit from a 30 GB limit. I believed everything the Bell technician told me when she sold me the upgrade.

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