Sunday, October 29, 2006

Playing Second Life is inspiring

I did some on-line design in Second Life. Really what I did was pay a designer and worked with him to create my SL web design offices. He sold me some desks and then build some cubicle dividers and shelfs. My offices are in Sociaria if you need to look me up and my on-line name is Peter Korgstad. The office is Crystal Computing Web Design. The designer's studio was quite inspiring and had music video screens which I could watch and also a Reuters news feed which always crashed my SL game when I tried to work it. I linked my RL identity with my Second Life identity as I am doing here. This means I am not that worried about on-line privacy. I worry more about the spam from my recent joining of MySpace more than SL. I am now going to test view my new web design offices on my LCD TV.

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