Sunday, January 01, 2006

I got side tracked downloading gsl. I instead used fink and updated fink and can't get dpkg working on the new mac. I barely had fink working on the old mac. So I did not download gsl. I may try this on my debian laptop now.

I just deleted a bunch of old pdf's and some old unused apps off the old eMac. I also used the old eMac and old copy of Dreamweaver to update my school web page. I then used sftp to up load the index.html page which was all I updated. I have had some luck using sftp these past few days.

I am now making some back up DVD's of my old computer's files. This includes my Performa 1995-1998. My various IBM's the aptiva 2000-2003 and the Thinkpad 2003-2005. I also am backing up my WinNT 2002-2005 machine files. I can not back up all the Thinkpad files on one DVD disk but will need three or four for this. The other computers can be backed up to only one DVD.

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