Sunday, January 15, 2006

Backing up my new eMac is going well. I was able to sucessfully copy the documents folder where all my personal files are. I copied it to my USB external drive. I have been using this back up on my old eMac to do my daily work. I also backed up purchased songs and was able to burn a DVD of purchased songs on the new eMac. With iTunes on the new eMac I am just worried about backing up voice memos. The new eMac iTunes still works and I will do a final purchased music back up and voice memo back up then the iTunes will be backed up and I can leave the new iTunes as ready for fresh install. I have already backed up the email but will do this once again and then the Mac Mail will be ready for a fresh install. The documents are already for a fresh install. So iTunes and and Mac Mail need to be done again and I will go for the fresh install maybe tonight.

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