Monday, December 26, 2005

I was looking at the size of the Mail folder on my new eMac and for some reason it was only around 900 MB. So I deleted my original old eMac email(this import appeared empty) off the new eMac and retransfered it from the old eMac using my Iomega 20GB drive. I then imported all of it but the old Thinkpad email that was stored in a netscape email file. That file has already been imported on the new eMac. So hopefully now I have only about two years or so of duplicates from my dot mac transfer from Thinkpad to the old eMac. My new eMac has ten years worth of email now which is about a year and a half shy of the time I have been using email. The Mail file is 2.5 GB now. I had some trouble transfering it to a DVD to burn. But now I am ready to burn the first back up DVD of 2.5 GB.

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