Saturday, December 25, 2004

I was able to get a Palm Tungsten W for my Christmas present to myself. It is really a useful tool these palm computers. I may not be able to get the cell phone function working but should be able to listen to mp3's ok.

I installed some software on the Quadra for my friend. This brings about questions of open source and software freedom of course, even though I paid for this software used and it would not earn the makers anymore money in these versions which maybe the only versions that work on this older computer.

We got my wife a DVD/VHS player for christmas and it set up with no problems. I got friends first aid kits and also solar emergency flashlights. I had hoped to get a secure digital card for the palm W but the bookstore was sold out. I did manage to afford some styli from future shop that will work with this palm. Future shop also have secure digital cards but they are fairly pricey.

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