Tuesday, December 14, 2004

I bought a copy of Linux Journal. It is the January issue It seems that more of the articles and book reviews are about topics I am aware of now. I also bought the December issue of Linux Magazine. I am now of the mind that Linux is the next big thing.

I started to use webmin on my eMac. The newist software on my Thinkpad is MATLAB. The newist on my eMac is the Palm desktop and an update of webmin.

I was out shopping for a new handheld computer yesterday. I also was looking on the web for an external USB connected hard drive to back up email and other files. The on-line photo ordering service worked great and we have our first twenty prints now for 5$. I think an iPod would be good for backups but still cheaper would be the external hard drive and then eventual purchase of a Palm Tungsten C or E for MP3's and video as well as word and excel files. I have not really looked at open source handhelds although as I understand it Palm make their source code available. I have also studied some palm programming and have some codeing for palm software on this machine my thinkpad. I have also been looking at getting a new thinkpad but don't really need one. I did finally buy some new track point caps for this machine.

My Debian 3 install on the duron is not stable. I have managed to update my fedora core 3 machine and also the updated the NT on the same machine.

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