Friday, July 16, 2004

This blog has a new interface. I had to choose edit html to write this. This interface is much better and saves me two clicks.

I discovered a new calendar view on my Palm. I recharged the palm fully. I read an article about palms from I also read an article about palms from the Globe and Mail from 2001. I used my new palm belt clip case tonight. I did not take my palm out of the case while out.

I picked up my Epson 820 photo colour stylus printer, which had been out on loan. I bought basic office supplies yesterday. I got floppy labels at a very good price. I thought of making html files of our books and selling them copied to floppy with labels. The router is working fine. I have been using my laptop for two days now as my main machine. I booted up my Fedora machine and copied some code from a almost forty year old book. I used Gedit to copy the code. The code is Fortran IV. The program I was copying was MM1A or matrix math.

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