Tuesday, July 13, 2004

I had broken the reset button off on my D-Link DI704 router. I placed a long tool into the reset button hole on the router and tried to reset. I am not sure this worked.

I used the TCP/IP panel in the Macintosh to manually set the Mac's connection to the router as and was able to get into the router using a web browser by setting the web address as the last IP address of the router. I then ran the router's wizard and got the router working again. I then reset the settings on the Macintosh.

I had reinstalled Fedora core 1 on the IBM PC server and then once the router was properly set up I could get on-line with the IBM linux system.

So I have three working systems. One the Laptop running win XP, two the eMac running Panther and lastly but not least the IBM PC server 325 running Fedora 1 core.

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